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The Enormity of Humankind’s Most Critical Data.

Commentary by Luke Norris, Faction Founder, Executive Chairman

Across every field important to human life, big datasets are expanding exponentially. But as they expand, they become unwieldy. It can take months or even years to move data from one network to another. When rich data collections are stuck where they’re first created, it hinders how data can be used. Important innovations in industries like healthcare, energy and transportation – those that advance the greater good – are being slowed by the fact that datasets are cumbersome. It’s not due to cybersecurity, or because scientists, researchers and engineers don’t want to inform and accelerate each other’s innovations. The problem is that data is really big. Cloud providers benefit from expanding datasets and the recurring revenue that they produce. And moving or sharing large datasets is a pain for those managing on-premises datasets. But community storage can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. When organizations can lend their data to other organizations to aid in the discovery of a solution, the innovation path shortens. Solutions that make individual datasets accessible across different networks are essential to making this idea of community storage successful. We’re in a data-driven society and the ability to share large datasets for a common good, breaks down barriers to a brighter future.

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