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VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage Overview & Deep Dive | Webinar

Last week we partnered with NetApp to deliver a webinar on VMware Cloud on AWS, which included an overview on the offering, a deep dive into the storage challenges that come with this service, and how NetApp-based multi-cloud storage platform enhances this service.

Matt Wallace, VP of Product at Faction, and Richard Hardy, SE Director and Chief Architect at NetApp hosted this webinar and led a great discussion surrounding the VMware Cloud on AWS service.

Watch the webinar on-demand and learn:

  1. How VMware Cloud on AWS is deployed: Benefits & challenges
  2. How VMware Cloud on AWS storage works: An overview of performance & operations
  3. How Faction’s NetApp-based multi-cloud storage platform enhances this service



Why VMware Cloud on AWS

We find that customers who have a significant on-prem investment in VMware want to continue leveraging these internal skills, tools, and capabilities, but they also want the benefit of cloud, in particular all of the services and features that come with AWS. Because of that, there has been a growing level of excitement for VMware Cloud on AWS, but few know what’s really there.


Faction’s Role

Enter Faction, who has been a part of the beta program for VMware Cloud on AWS, getting our hands on the environment, testing out integrations, connecting the plumbing of our network infrastructure to this offering. With months of experience in this platform, we are excited to share what we have learned & educate people on what the offering is and how it can be used.


NetApp’s Role

NetApp Private Storage-as-a-Service (NPSaaS) provides a zero-configuration storage extension of the VMware Cloud on AWS environment, with the ability for that same storage to be available to native AWS applications, as well as other clouds. Empowering developers with the freedom of choice, NPSaaS provides the ability to:

  • Maintain control of data locality
  • Connect to Data Fabric
  • Avoid storing many copies
  • Avoid transfers between clouds



Wondering if VMware Cloud on AWS is right for your organization? Use this self-assessment to find out. 

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