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Take a Data-First Approach to Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption of three different public clouds

Learn how Faction’s multi-cloud data services are working with Dell EMC storage to avoid vendor lock-in, reduce egress charges, and mitigate data migration risks. 





A World of Multiple Public Cloud Providers

We are operating in a world of multiple public cloud providers, each offering unique strengths for your business. 


Many organizations end up with data silos across multiple clouds, as moving data is costly and can bring operational security and data availability challenges. There is a better way. 


Faction’s Multi-Cloud Data Services

Multi-cloud data services enabled by Faction combines leading services from all public clouds with industry-leading Dell EMC storage capabilities.


Your business can now present a single copy of data to multiple clouds at the same time, boosting innovation without sacrificing control. Harness the strength of each cloud providers’ leading services simultaneously, and drive your digital transformation with a true multi-cloud solution. 


You can also eliminate data gravity and can seamlessly leverage the right cloud at the right time based on your evolving needs with no data movement required. Plus, as your data is independent of the cloud, you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in, removing excessive egress charges, and migration risks.

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