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The Faction 5: The Cloud Phenomenon

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Just like The Jackson 5  became one of the biggest phenomenons in pop music, we are confident The Faction 5 — meaning our five key differentiators — will become one of the biggest phenomenons in cloud technology.


According to Gartner, “Although cloud computing has become a foundation of digital business, many organizations still struggle to optimize this powerful tool”…and that is where The Faction 5 comes in. Faction’s five key differentiators showcase the unique value that our patented technology brings to the table, helping organizations accelerate business outcomes and maximize their return on investment on hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures


Drumroll, please… 


Without further ado, we present The Faction 5

#1: Unify data into a single location 

Delivering the full potential of multi-cloud requires a fundamental shift in how we approach data. 

Applying conventional cloud architecture to multi-cloud deployments means copying and moving data to each new cloud, resulting in higher costs and complexity. 


Faction pioneered the data-first approach to multi-cloud using patented technology to make a single, centralized copy of your data accessible to all clouds at the same time. This eliminates data silos that occur when data is distributed between private and public clouds and prevents storing multiple copies of the same data, cutting storage costs by 3-4x.


#2: Make your data universally accessible by all cloud providers

Cloud service providers are constantly evolving, competing to provide best-in-breed services. AWS may have the most market share today, but Azure, Google, or Oracle Cloud could introduce a new service that better meets your needs. Since each cloud provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, your selection should ultimately depend on the services that best meet your needs. Keep in mind, the cloud that is best for you today, may not be the best for your business tomorrow. 


Faction frees your data from your compute, giving you the power to pick and choose among hyper scalers as you see fit. Only Faction’s Cross-Cloud RoutingTM enables all clouds to communicate with bidirectional access across all your clouds, providing the ultimate flexibility and control by allowing you to choose the right clouds that accelerate your business goals. This means that you can spin up an instance in AWS today, or seamlessly change the compute resource to Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud tomorrow — all without moving any data.


#3: Achieve superior performance and 99.99% SLA storage availability

Faction’s cloud-adjacent technology shortens the distance between physical and digital infrastructure to deliver superior performance with ultra-low latency – we’re talking 2ms or less, high-throughput connectivity that nearly eliminates transfer lag time to all the major clouds, and we do this while delivering 99.99% availability.


Additional features include: 

  • Flexible performance tiering: Choose the performance tier that matches your workloads and only pay for the resources you need.
  • Durable and persistent storage: More durable and persistent than public cloud solutions. Data remains intact when cloud resources are decommissioned.
  • Ultra-low latency connection: Directly connected to public clouds via Faction’s proprietary, patented Layer 2 network connectivity, enabling data to be processed in 2ms or less.
  • 99.99% availability: Service-level agreement availability that is guaranteed for every Faction Cloud deployment. 


#4: Slash cloud costs and reduce egress fees

Traditional cloud storage platforms limit your ability to share data across platforms — in fact, they encourage data silos. When you do extract your data, you’re met with huge egress fees and compliance headaches. In contrast, Faction offers zero egress fees to transfer data out of Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.


And since your data lives independently on Faction, you can safely take advantage of those greatly reduced spot compute instances regardless of cloud provider – reducing costs up 90% compared to on-demand instances. When cloud costs fluctuate between providers, you can easily spin up your compute capacity in another cloud without moving or losing your data. 


“Since this initiative we have seen a 500% increase in network traffic from patients remotely accessing the portal, scaling from 75 telehealth providers to 2,000. This means better care during the pandemic and continued remote care to more patients after the pandemic. Our transformation also lowered our overall infrastructure costs by 40-60%.” 

Matt Douglas, Chief Enterprise Architect at Sentara and Optima Health


#5: Easily manage your infrastructure

While there are plenty of advantages to moving your data to the cloud, it’s often difficult to manage, and many of us are navigating data between multiple clouds. The complexity that comes along with multi-cloud environments can overload IT teams, drive up costs and create siloed data that’s hard to access.


With Faction, we make connections to all the different clouds simpler. Our patented technology enables cloud access to be used by independent volumes — a technology we call the Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) portal. With FIX, you can manage your connections and performance needs in one place. This technology enables admins to quickly connect data to the compute services and allocate bandwidth in minutes, making it possible to move workloads from one cloud provider to another. As your business needs change and your workloads scale in a cloud, or between clouds, you can use FIX portal to ramp up public cloud connectivity to match, add new connections, change bandwidth, or delete connections to match your multi-cloud architecture.


All of the benefits with a single solution

Just like The Jackson 5 was one of the first boy bands to revolutionize pop music, The Faction 5 is transforming the way that businesses use the cloud. The single solution is perfect for businesses looking to reduce the cost and complexity associated with multi-cloud, providing the only true multi-cloud solution that makes it easy to give multiple clouds and apps simultaneous access to your data.

Faction Cloud Control Volumes (CCVs) are the leading alternative to storing your data in a major cloud platform. They provide your business with durable, scalable, cloud-adjacent storage, so you can centralize your data and easily share it across multiple apps and clouds. This access to best-in-class cloud services from multiple providers boosts your organization’s ability to innovate. CCVs are available in a range of storage tiers and types, allowing you to choose the storage option that suits your organization’s data needs and avoid paying for unnecessary resources.


Talk to an expert

Our experts are here to explain how The Faction 5 will help your business establish a true multi-cloud solution to maintain your competitive advantage. Put your biggest asset — your data — front and center with a “true” data-first solution. Contact us to ask a question or learn more about how we can help accelerate your business. 

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