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Faction Announces New Patents, Continues Culture of Innovation


Our customers know: Faction is first and foremost a company that innovates. Faction continues to be recognized for our deep expertise and our industry thought leadership, but it’s our innovation that is core to our success as a leading managed services provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, including disaster recovery and production deployments. Our leading technology portfolio is also leveraged by Dell Technologies as the engine powering Dell Cloud Storage Services, which deliver scalable, resilient cloud-attached storage with flexible multi-cloud access – ideal for disaster recovery, analytics, test/dev, or to support specific use cases for unstructured data.

When you work with Faction, you work with some of the smartest people in technology. We’re committed to helping you solve some of the stickiest issues around data gravity and multi-cloud data services, by providing a platform that presents the same dataset, to all clouds, simultaneously. Reducing complexity, cost and vendor lock-in.

That’s why we are excited to announce today that Faction has been granted two new patents, bringing our total number to 8 (with another pending). Congrats to Luke Norris, Hooker Heggestad, Matthew Wallace, and Bryan James Gallant on their work and for continuing Faction’s culture of innovation!

Faction has long understood the importance of connectivity in a data-driven multi-cloud environment. Faction’s continued leadership, as reflected by these patents issued by the USPTO, reflect Faction’s unique, innovative approach to connect customers seamlessly as they adopt a multi-cloud approach to data and services. Faction’s innovations provide clients with flexibility, security, and savings versus traditional approaches that were not designed for multi-cloud.

Explaining the patents

n summarizing patent number US 10,560,283 (System and method for a multi-tenant datacenter with layer 2 interconnection and cloud storage), Faction CTO Matt Wallace explains that it “is wiring a cloud-based storage resource pool into environments without risking overlap of any Layer 2 or Layer 3 networks. That means we can do things like connect multiple customers across networks such as our own FIX fabric, without worry about customer layer 3 addresses.”   The published abstract for this patent describes: 

“a system and method for a multi-tenant datacenter with layer 2 cloud interconnection and cloud storage. More specifically, the datacenter providing cloud storage, includes a plurality of Client Systems coupled to a first datacenter each Client System having a set of infrastructure resources and an initial networking configuration; and a first cloud computing environment established in the first datacenter, and coupled to the Client Systems by OSI Layer 2 as a data link layer for the transfer of data frames, each frame having a plurality of OSI Layer 2 tags, the first cloud computing environment providing storage resources for allocation to at least two Client Systems, the plurality of OSI Layer 2 tags permitting the at least two Client Systems to have overlapping network configurations. An associated method of providing a multi-tenant datacenter with layer 2 cloud interconnection and cloud storage is also provided.”

Another patent, number US 10,554,446 (System and Method for a Multi-Tenant Datacenter with Layer 2 Cloud Interconnection), also moves forward Faction’s work to ease cloud networking challenges. 

These newest patents demonstrate Faction’s leadership and its commitment to helping customers leverage multi-cloud capabilities with fast connectivity between storage and cloud workloads, without sacrificing storage capacity. Learn more about how Faction’s innovations continue to be at the forefront of multi-cloud technology. If you’d like to stay abreast of our updates, please sign up for the Faction newsletter

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