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Faction Drives Adoption of VMware Cloud on AWS with Record-Setting Year

DENVER, Feb. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Faction, the leading VMware Cloud on AWS, today announced it has become a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner – which comes on the heels of significant customer growth over the past year. The new designation makes Faction one of the very few managed providers to earn both AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status in addition to VMware Premier Service Provider status. As the only provider of fully integrated, cloud-attached storage for VMware Cloud on AWS these two certifications deliver an additional layer of experience and trust that enterprises value when searching for a managed service provider for this relatively new cloud platform.

“We’ve seen a massive uptick of midsized and large enterprises growing their VMware Cloud on AWS footprint,” said Luke Norris, CEO, Faction. “We think this technology is at the tipping point for even greater multi-cloud adoption. Now that Faction has solved for cost-effective, cloud-attached storage, expanded our datacenter footprint, and earned key certifications due to our unique expertise, we’re beginning to see a flood of organizations across industries looking to move from their datacenters to VMware Cloud on AWS.”

Other Faction highlights over the past year:

  • Decreasing the cost of VMware on AWS: Through its proprietary technology and as the exclusive provider of cloud-attached storage for VMware Cloud on AWS, Faction significantly reduces overall costs of the VMware Cloud on AWS environment. For example, customers with large-scale environments have saved more than 50% on total disaster recovery (DR) costs using Faction HDRaaS for VMware Cloud on AWS(in scenarios with several petabytes of storage, cost reductions can near 90%).
  • Increasing performance and product options: Faction offers Cloud Control Volumes (cloud-attached storage) that connect to VMware Cloud on AWS via AWS DirectConnect. Doing so creates a high-speed, low-latency connection with less than 2ms latency; the connection leverages Faction’s patented Layer 2 technology.
  • Global expansion of its datacenter footprint: Faction is growing the number of data centers positioned in close proximity to hyperscale cloud providers. The short distances are required to reduce latency for connecting to Faction’s Cloud Control Volumes. With the addition of the cloud-attached storage capability in their Santa Clara location – and the launch of a new datacenter in London – Faction now has datacenters in more than eight locations in the U.S. and Europe, including Portland, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York.
  • 100+ petabytes of storage and growing: For its customers, Faction already manages thousands of hosts and has 100+ petabytes of storage under its management – and the company expects these numbers to more than double in 2019.
  • Funding: In March 2018, Faction received more than $18 million in funding from investors that included Dell Technologies, River Cities Capital, Meritage Funds, Sweetwater Capital, and Charter House Capital.

For those interested in following the latest news on VMware Cloud on AWS, Faction has a monthly VMware Cloud on AWS newsletter (subscribe via the link below).

Resources and upcoming events:

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  • February 20 Webinar: Navigating Cloud-based Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud on AWS
  • <April 29 – May 2 2019: Dell Technologies World

About Faction

Faction is a leading managed services provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, including disaster recovery and production deployments, and is the only provider of attached storage to VMware Cloud on AWS. Faction helps customers migrate to multi-cloud, powered by patented technology that provides low latency, high throughput connections to all the major clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Faction’s private and multi-cloud platforms give clients the ability to move, access, scale and protect data between clouds, without the fear of cloud lock-in. Faction is recognized as an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner and VMware Premier Cloud Provider. Follow Faction on Twitter (@FactionInc) and LinkedIn. For more information, please visit

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