Cloud Migration

Successful cloud migrations require a fair amount of time and resources.

Why Cloud Migration:

Driven by the need for higher productivity and lower costs, enterprises are now moving their applications to the cloud. Business motivations that drive the desire to migrate to the cloud include application modernization, cost-savings, integrations with legacy apps or new third-party tools, and freeing up technical operations.

There are numerous reasons organizations are exploring cloud migration services:

  • Increase productivity of team
  • Data center consolidation
  • Update business model by using modern technology as part of a larger digital transformation program
  • Improve the bottom line by reducing costs.

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

Successful cloud migrations require a fair amount of time and resources of a company. For many organizations, there is no longer a question of whether to move to the cloud or not, as most have decided to embrace the cloud. But, the challenge still exists for making this leap as it is a costly and time-consuming process for today’s IT pros.

Security also remains as one of the most significant hurdles to cloud adoption. Though many organizations have migrated to the cloud, some remain hesitant primarily due to concerns over security. Traditional IT teams see security as a roadblock to cloud adoption because someone else is physically or remotely running the hardware.

How do I solve this challenge?

Overcoming the challenge of migrating to the cloud starts with a direct connect service that meets the flexibility and scalability that is needed to the bandwidth demand, and also ensures high availability and security while lowering operating costs.

There are several approaches to a cloud migration. We discuss 4 major services here to look at the landscape of possibilities.

Lift-and-shift is simple, take your existing systems and migrate them directly to a cloud largely as-is. The major problem with lift-and-shift on its own is that it may not deliver any cost savings unless your costs are disproportionately high, such as organizations paying the operating costs for small single-tenant data centers. Even the apparent savings sometimes achievable with a public cloud evaporates when the full storage, network, backup, remote access, and other costs are fully realized.

A variant on lift-and-shift is to shift an application to a cloud, often a public cloud, but not merely “as is,” but still leveraging some cloud capability. One key factor to consider is how the full spectrum of applications integrate with one another. Pure lift-and-shift often includes significant cost savings by being faster and easier to fully complete, but some applications benefit more from this lift-and-extend approach, so it is advisable to start an application assessment to determine the best migration pathway.

Hybrid Extension
Some organizations opt to simply extend their reach into the cloud. A few providers now offer turnkey access from existing on-premises functionality into clouds. Some organizations may already have hosted private cloud, managed hosting, or colocation, and opt to do much of their net-new development in public cloud while maintaining existing applications in place.

Full Rebuild
Some companies choose to completely rebuild for the cloud. For example, one team is charged with keeping the lights on, while the development team then focuses on rebuilding applications for the cloud. This option tends to be a choice for organizations that are heavily focused on deep consumption of cloud-specific platform options. This option is obviously the most costly and time-consuming but can be justified with organizations that see their applications as a critical advantage in their competitive environment.


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Faction is an expert at delivering rapid transitions, extremely non-disruptive cloud migrations, and significant cost savings over both on-prem and pure public cloud. At the same time, our direct connect service, Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) is explicitly designed to immediately unlock the value of your migrated applications, by allowing you to immediately craft hybrid applications between the migrated applications and public cloud services. We enable this by ensuring clients don't need any specialized hardware, software, or expertise by offering our “out of the box” hybridized private clouds that can connect "as-is" into public cloud environments, easily and inexpensively.

Faction offers a variety of cloud services to help organizations, evaluate, architect, plan and execute cloud migrations, and then operate their new environments.

  • Cloud strategy assessment - Our experts can help interview your stakeholders holistically, asking the right questions and ensuring you have considered all the factors to make your cloud migration successful, that your business objectives are well-understood and aligned across your organization, and that your tactical plan follows from your strategic objectives, and that your plan is achievable with the timing and budget available
  • Cloud architecture - Our cloud experts can help architect your cloud presence, helping to design private, public, and hybrid- and multi-cloud environments that encompass all your application needs, and take into account your budget, integration requirements, technical operations, and future plans
  • Infrastructure Assessment - Complementary to our cloud architecture efforts, Faction can perform an infrastructure assessment, using automated tools to assess your compute, storage, and network requirements, ensuring you have a right-sized cloud ready to go. Faction backs this with a 100% sizing guarantee.
  • Cloud migration - Our team can directly assist with the tools and processes to execute a seamless migration to the cloud, leveraging our experience, software, and cloud platform to perform a battle-hardened cloud migration that saves money, reduces risk, and gets the job done quickly

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