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Faction Publishes Definitive Guide to Multi-Cloud

Handbook helps users access the advantages of multi-cloud data solutions

DENVER, June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Faction, a leading multi-cloud data service provider, today published The Definitive Guide to Successful Multi-Cloud Adoption: Overcome Data Gravity and Avoid Expensive Cloud Data Egress Fees.

Organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of adopting a multi-cloud strategy. What is multi cloud? An approach empowers companies to select cloud services from different public clouds based on their capabilities, not because they’re the only ones available in their primary cloud provider. In order to unlock these capabilities, companies must evaluate and select where they store their data, how it is accessed, and which technologies support seamless multi-cloud infrastructure.

One barrier to successful multi-cloud adoption is “data gravity.” The concept of data gravity describes how the constraints of latency and throughput affect the interactions of applications and data; but the costs associated with extracting data and data sprawl can have data gravity-like effects. Multi-cloud adjacent storage frees your data from lock-in, so your business can become more nimble and innovative.

Written for IT leaders and visionaries, CTOs, and CFOs, this free guide addresses topics related to implementing an effective multi-cloud strategy, including:

  • Challenges associated with data gravity and the drawbacks of current solutions,
  • Multi-cloud drivers, benefits, and use cases,
  • Architectural imperatives for multi-cloud, and
  • How to choose a storage type and location that influences multi-cloud success and retains ownership of company data.

A multi-cloud approach with retained data ownership allows you to maintain control of your data, access best-in-class cloud data services from every cloud, and avoid storing multiple (possibly out-of-sync) copies of the same data—all while eliminating data gravity concerns. The Definitive Guide to Successful Multi-Cloud Adoption provides practical evaluations of:

  • The benefits of implementing a multi-cloud infrastructure,
  • How multi-cloud can defy data gravity, avoid vendor lock-in, mitigate risk, meet regulatory compliance standards, and optimize performance and innovation,
  • Multi-cloud migration recommendations,
  • Use cases across industries, including autonomous driving and connected cars, healthcare data services, genomics and life sciences, predictive financial analytics, seismic processing and analysis, and video and media processing,
  • How to future-proof your organization through effective multi-cloud strategy,
  • Architectural imperatives for multi-cloud, and
  • Tips for effective multi-cloud migrations.

Download the free eGuide here: The Definitive Guide to Successful Multi-Cloud Adoption.

About Faction
Faction is a leading multi-cloud data services provider that pioneered cloud-adjacent storage powered by patented technology that provides data access over low latency, high throughput connections to all the major clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Faction is also a leading managed service provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, including disaster recovery and production deployments, and was the first to offer cloud-attached storage solutions that integrate natively with VMware Cloud on AWS. Faction’s private and multi-cloud platforms give clients the ability to move, access, scale and protect data between clouds, without the fear of cloud lock-in. Faction, a VMware Cloud Verified provider, is also recognized as an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner and VMware Premier Cloud Provider. Follow Faction on Twitter (@FactionInc), LinkedIn, and BrightTALK. For more information, please visit


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