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Learn How to Overcome Data Gravity with a True Multi-Cloud Approach

Learn about the challenges of Data Gravity and how to overcome them with a multi-cloud approach

Overcoming Data Gravity

The new wave of technologies can change the world, but not before they have created mountains of data and a risky new dynamic. As your data grows, it becomes more valuable to your business.


Extracting this value demands faster access to your expanding information, and greater distances between your apps and data can handicap your business. Since network access is limited by the speed of light, the only answer is to bring your applications closer and closer to to the data. This effect is known as Data Gravity.


One way to solve this issue is to put all your apps and data in a single cloud. But this locks you into one provider and prevents you from using new and innovative services released by other clouds. And if you decide to take your data out, they’ll charge you a fee on every gigabyte.


If you’re pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, scattering your data over many locations can bring compliance settings, syncing issues, and it will multiply your storage costs. These issues can damage your company’s execution, making you fall behind your competitors.


With Faction cloud data services, even the most data-intensive applications like these can overcome Data Gravity. Faction manages your data in a central location, providing a single copy of the data accessible from all clouds simultaneously.


A True Multi-Cloud Solution

It’s a true multi-cloud solution with high-speed data access over low latency connections. This lets you choose best-of-breed technologies from any cloud, avoid vendor lock-in, and make your data future-proof. Faction lets you defy Data Gravity.

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